Formal Letter Writing

Many people nowadays are having a hard time writing down formal letters such as cover letter for job applications, request letter, solicitation letter, leave of absence letter, excuse letter, invitations, etc. or even replying to letters. We know that many letters are transmitted through e-mail or social networking sites but the rules, guidelines and etiquette of letter writing have not changed.

Our team is also ready to help with your letter writing needs at very affordable prices. Below is the actual letter (except for the modified name of sender and receiver) that have been used by an employee of a call center company in the based Philippines asking for a leave of absence. We are glad to report that her request was approved and had enjoyed her two weeks vacation.

Sample Leave of Absence Letter

Interested in hiring us to write formal letters for you? Send us your message here or know more about our other services.

NOTE: This is covered by the website’s copyright notice.


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